Employee Wellness




I AM Mind and Body Wellness offers a variety of integrative mindfulness programs to corporate and institutional clients, all designed to enhance mindfulness, lower stress levels, increase productivity and boost employee satisfaction.

Often touted as the equivalent of going to the gym for the mind, mindfulness practice provides relief for busy professionals—asking them to slow down, stop, sit, relax, breathe, and find a moment to be in the present.  Research of ongoing mindfulness practice has documented many benefits for businesses.  Increased employee focus, improved communication skills, work/life balance, improved memory and enhanced decision-making capacity are all benefits of ongoing mindfulness practice in the workplace.

Employee Wellness Programs – Menu of Services

Option A1: Introduction to the Practice of Mindfulness

In this 1.5-hour session, employees will learn how mindfulness can enhance performance by increasing focus and reducing stress.

Option A2:  Eight Week Ongoing Mindfulness Practice Instruction

This module is available after employees have completed Option A1, “Introduction to the Practice of Mindfulness”.  Learning how to do mindfulness is quite different from a daily mindfulness practice.  All research on effectiveness is based on a consistent, daily mindfulness practice.  Module A2 will reinforce and hone “how to do” mindfulness skills.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn and explore different mindfulness techniques and activities, discovering those that are most natural and effective for them.  Eight weeks of instruction and participation has been shown to effectively help one integrate mindfulness practice into their daily routine.

Option A3: Advanced Mindfulness Application Sessions

After employees have completed Option A1, “Introduction to the Practice of Mindfulness”, select the 1.5-hour session(s) that will have the greatest impact on your organization. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Finding Work/Life Balance
  • Mindful Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Improving Quality of Sleep

Option B: Three Hour Mindfulness Training and Guided Imagery Meditation Workshop 

Your group will learn how mindfulness can enhance performance and achievement by increasing focus and reducing stress.  This workshop explores the science of mindfulness and how it can be applied to everyday life and work to enhance wellbeing, productivity and focus. Guided Imagery Meditation is introduced as a stress reduction and relaxation tool.  This technique increases awareness and helps participants find solutions to problems and confront difficult situations head on.

Option C:  Four-Week Mindfulness Training and Emotional Self-Regulation Skills

After completion of A1, these 2-hour sessions provide employees the opportunity to further develop mindfulness and meditation skills to manage stress more effectively.  Emotional self-regulation is the ability to respond to life’s situations with the range of emotions in a manner that is socially tolerable, flexible and with minimized impulsive responses.


The following ongoing groups are offered at our Center:

Weekly Mental Wellness Groups

  • Mindfulness Group
  • Emotional Eating Support Group
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills
  • Resiliency Group
  • Body Image Group

Guided Imagery Meditation

  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Improving Quality of Sleep
  • Emotional and Physical Healing
  • Professional Caregiver Support
  • Provide physiological rest for the nervous system

On-Going Wellness Solutions

It takes time to integrate new behaviors into our lives. We work with employees to provide on-going wellness services in the following areas:

At your location:

  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Team Building Dynamics
  • Guided Imagery Meditation
  • Positive Psychology Skills
  • Gentle Flow Yoga
  • Therapeutic Massage

At our location:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Weekly Mental Wellness Groups

As a corporate partner, your employees will have access to our on-line mini-meditation sessions and receive encouraging emails providing mindfulness exercises to reinforce techniques introduced in the wellness sessions attended.