4yourBody-Promoting A Positive Body Image

4yourBody Promoting a Positive Body Image

There is a pervasive belief in our culture that negative Body Talk is acceptable. We are passionate about teaching the message to young teens about celebrating their unique talents and abilities, discussing the damage that Body Bullying can do and teaching them how to Change the Conversation away from body talk with themselves and others. Our intention is to help students gain the tools and mindset to developing or maintaining a Positive Body Image.

The program began in 2012 and has evolved into a curriculum that tackles the many pitfalls of our image based culture and it’s various effects on the development of individual body image and self-esteem. In our 6 years we have presented to over 30,000 middle school students and numerous parent education groups, teacher staff in-services, Region 20 and the TAHPERD Conference.

We are thrilled about bringing this program to the public. Contact Hallie Nikotich at hnikotich@iamwellnesssa.com  for details or to set a date for us to come and deliver the 4yourBody Program to your students, educators or parent groups.