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Mindfulness with Dr. Mengden

 Mindfulness has been practiced in the US for decades. With the growing complexities of our modern world, more people are seeking the benefits that mindfulness delivers. Join us each month as I introduce research-based mindfulness skills that will benefit your life in a multitude of ways.

Mindful Eating – A Lasting Alternative to “Dieting” in the New Year

Does the New Year mean another diet for you? Or have you heading back to the gym? Or setting resolutions that start out well, yet end painfully with you feeling guilty? In 2018, why not try a lifestyle change that has been shown to help modify eating patterns in a positive, healthy way?

The purpose of our Mindful Eating Guide is to start you on the path toward awareness of your mind and body as you transition the mind, body and meals toward healthy nutritional habits that fuel and satisfy you.

I AM Mindful Eating Guide


Step 1: Check-In Stop, be mindful, do a body scan. Are you hungry, are you bored, anxious, lonely, tired or stressed? After the body scan, be confident that the meal you are eating is feeding your nutritional needs and not your emotional ones.

Step 2: Make Space for you and your meal. Sit down and experience the food. Find a place that is free from distraction where you can be present for your eating experience. Sharing a meal with family and friends is an intentional way to reconnect with those important to you, but take time to be mindful during the first few bites of your meal.

 Step 3: Take Your Time as you begin the meal. Eat and drink mindfully, using all of your senses. Look at the food on the plate or the beverage in the glass, smell it, take a bite and taste it, feel the texture and the temperature. Taking time for your meal helps you become aware of your body’s signal of being full.

Step 4: Just Breathe and set the tone for the meal with a mantra or prayer of gratitude. Treat yourself with compassion and enjoy your food with awareness and acceptance.

Mindfulness is lifestyle change that will result in peace and balance for you in 2018. Replace mindless or out of control eating with a more attuned eating, increasing enjoyment and awareness of satiety. Mindful eating is not about weight loss. It is about your overall health.

To learn more about mindful eating and the other ways mindfulness can improve your life, contact us about our mindfulness groups.

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